What the heck is a CTF?!

My cat, Cider, Watching the SANS Institute event with me.
  1. I need to better understand how to access and read HTML Source Code. This will be important to better understand, because a bad actor might use this code to steal data or change how a website appears.
  2. I need to enhance my Linux/Unix command line skills. While I have experience using Linux with my Plex Media Server, I need a better understanding of the command line to reach one of my professional goals (being proficient in Kali Linux for pen-testing).
  3. Research! I am learning that there is a massive amount of data around cyber security and it is impossible to know everything. I need to hone my skills around where to look and what to look for to better understand vulnerabilities, exploits, etc.




Catsup to Cyber.

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Dylan Wood

Dylan Wood

Catsup to Cyber.

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